The Key-Performance Indicator Management System (KPI-MS) is an online computer system developed for PTJs in USM to store their KPI data, calculates their total KPI marks and generates reports and charts for KPI assessment and monitoring. This system enables online interaction between the Assessor (Bahagian Pembangunan Institusi, BPI) and the Assessed (PTJs).
PTJs submit their KPI achievements by filling-in a KPI form online and uploading an Excel Master-List file, which details their achievements in the form of a spread sheet, at the end of their year of assessment. This form is referred to as the Self-Audit (SA) Form which must be completed before the deadline. PTJs can get an instantaneous assessment of their KPI Performance (Unverified Report) in the form of the KPI Report together with Bar and Pie charts that provide more information about their KPI performance by Sections.  PTJs can update their KPI Form at any time during this period. Upon expiry of the Self-Audit deadline, an appointed Auditor from BPI is assigned to conduct a Document-Audit (DA) of the PTJ and to filling in the Document-Audit (DA) Form within a stipulated time period. Upon expiry of the DA period, the DA form containing feedback comments from the DA auditors are made available online to prepare the PTJ for their Final Audit (FA), where the head of department gives a presentation of his annual departmental achievements together with any rebuttal pertaining to disputed KPI claims with the auditors. The FA auditor fills in the Final Audit (FA) Form and the PTJ’s KPI target for the following year is agreed upon between the University Executives and the PTJ.



The KPI-MS data entry period is :

16th DECEMBER 2015  till  11th JANUARY, 2016
has been extended to 18th JANUARY, 2016

All PTJs are requested to upload a copy of their Masterlist into the system. The Masterlist template and Glossary MyRA® I and MyRA® II PTJ 2015 can be downloaded using the Download tab.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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14 January 2016